Top Things That Truck Accident Attorneys Know

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident that involved a commercial truck, you should think about hiring a truck accident attorney to assist you with your case. Along with being beneficial in other ways, hiring an attorney can be a good idea simply because these legal professionals are typically very knowledgeable. These are some of the top things that a truck accident attorney knows that can help your case. [Read More]

2 Mistakes To Avoid That May Adversely Affect Your Workers' Compensation Claim

After being injured on the job, you may have already filed a workers' compensation claim and have taken off work to recover. However, there is more to getting your claim approved than simply filing and waiting. You also need to make sure that you do not make certain mistakes during the waiting period that could adversely affect your chances of having your claim and suit approved. 1.  Posting Certain Pictures and Comments on Social Media [Read More]

Hire A Wrongful Death Accident Attorney To Handle Your Litigation Case

When someone dies in an automobile accident and the evidence points to the legal fault of a person driving another vehicle, you have the right to legally go after the defendant in a court of law with a charge of negligence. The charge of negligence is regarded as an intentional act. This means that the defendant is liable for wrongful death and will be prosecuted as such in a litigation case. [Read More]

Accidents On Your Bike: What To Know

Bicycles are an affordable, simple method of transportation. Being on your bike can be enjoyable in addition to getting you to a desired destination; however, you're likely to encounter cars and trucks whenever you're riding your bicycle. While you may never have a collision with a vehicle, it's a possibility. Knowing these details today can better prepare and protect yourself if an accident ever happens. 1-Don't Admit Guilt Just after a collision, you may be flustered and hurt. [Read More]